Thursday, 14 August 2008

Chocolate helps learning!

Just the news you were looking for!! You will be delighted to know that chocolate has been scientifically proven to aid How Adults Learn!.

Not only does the glucose within chocolate provide the fuel that your brain needs to function properly, but it also contains essence of cacao. As well as providing chocolate with its great taste this natural substance, encourages the body to release ‘endorphins’, the chemical which is responsible for driving your positive, happy moods.

In short chocolate helps get you into the right emotional state for effortless learning. Chocolate also contains high levels of phenol, a chemical that helps reduce the risk of heart disease, according to a researcher at the University of California It has a number of neuroactive alkaloids – including traces of cannabinoid-like substances or cannabis to you and me)

What’s more, new research from the University of Scranton in America suggests that the benefits may even go deeper than that. They found that chocolate is a more effective anti-oxidant, molecule for molecule, than Vitamin C. Amongst other things anti-oxidants reduce the electrical resistance in your brain, and thus enable the connections between your neurons to operate more effectively – another necessary requirement for learning!

Stick to dark high Cacao (70% or more). Cheaper 'milk chocolate' has lots more additives which are less good for you, and, dilute the postive effects of the chocolate.

So, next time you are feeling self-indulgent tell yourself you are simply improving your learning effectiveness!!!

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